Additional Services

You will be assigned a professional academic adviser in your mother tongue to  support you throughout the doctorate process.


You will get full support and a complete package from start to end, that will get your article published in an international academic journal.


As we are very confident in our abilities, we undertake to find an international academic journal that will publish your artical with a money back guarantee.



1. Choosing a topic for the doctorate.

2. Matching PhD research to suitable research method

3. Statistical analysis support

4. Formulation of research questions and doctorate goals

5. Reseach proposal writing support that relies on Doctorate Research Proposal Template

6. Ongoing support by answering every question you might encounter with


After the process (usually 3 months long), your article you be indexed by some of the larget and best known academic indexes: 

Translate your doctorate dissertation and PhD research proposals using our services.


You are offered an amazing professional translation team that will do this for you as they have done hundreds of times in the past.

We have translators from different disciplines that are perfectly fimiliar with the terms you use within your PhD dissertation 



You will get the results within days and you can modify or ask for corrections as many times as you want, in order for your doctorate papers to meet your standards.

I want some details about the Service:

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