Distance Learning Ph.D. in USA


The United States is one of the most desirable destinations for completing academic studies, both generally and for doctoral studies in particular. The process of completing a doctorate in the U.S. begins with approximately 10 general study courses, primarily in the fields of statistics and research methods. These courses are available both online and on campus, and are usually very flexible with an individual student’s schedule. Attending college or university in the U.S. is very attractive to many future employers, but is generally more expensive than comparative degree programs in other companies.

Carnegie Mellon


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Birkbeck University of London

Bournemouth University



International University of Business and Law



New Bulgarian


Constantine the Philosopher University

Pultusk Academy of Humanities

University of Technology and Humanities in Radom

Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz

Entrepreneurial University of Costa Rica

Central University of Nicaragua

Azteca University (Mexico)

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         Distance Learning Ph.D. in UK


The United Kingdom is considered one of the most attractive destinations for PhD degree candidates because of the rigorous programs and teaching opportunities available. Because of the level of excellence at many of these schools, attending a degree program in the UK can lead to amazing opportunities in high-paying fields.However, doctorate studies in the UK can be both time-intensive and cost-prohibitive. A PhD in the UK requires a minimum time investment of 4 years, and the cost is among the highest in the world. Those who choose to study at universities in UK (including those accepted to online studies there) are usually required to attend the university campus one week of every year of their research, so as to discuss the topic with the doctoral supervisor.

 Distance Learning Ph.D. in Eastern Europe



The International University of Business and Law (IUBL) is a recognized university. With its main campus located in the Ukraine, it has key satellite schools in the United States and England. The university's main campus in the city of Kherson has over 2000 students studying towards undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in a variety of subjects. The university specializes in the field of business administration (including economics, management and marketing), computer science and law. However, it accepts doctoral students in other subjects, such as educational administration, tourism and communication.



The Bulgarian doctoral process is identical to that customary throughout the rest of Europe (which includes a research proposal and a doctoral dissertation). The students are required to visit the university twice during their studies, including their dissertation defense session. We have many graduates who have completed their doctorate studies at these universities. Some of these graduates currently teach in a variety of universities and colleges, while others staff key positions in both public institutions as well as in the private sector.



Our universities in Slovakia continue to remain a bastion of academic prowess, specializing primarily in educationand psychology. The framework of doctoral studies at Constantine the Philosopher University requires every student who is accepted to visit the university in person. This allows them to meet their adviser and to present their research proposal to a university committee in a face-to-face environment.



Poland is considered to be one of the best countries for international studies. Technologically advanced, Polish universities offer award-winning educational programs and take pride in having an impressive record of ground-breaking research and academic publications.


As one of the newest countries in our educational network, we spent a long time evaluating and choosing appropriate sister-schools that would provide our students with the best education in a number of areas. We have recently identified three universities that offer foreign doctoral degree programs to students from all over the world, in all academic areas. In Poland, our students will have the opportunity to complete their doctorate in their free time (there is no minimum or maximum time limit), and also have access to Polish advisers that support our students in English.

Distance Learning Ph.D. in Central America

The universities in Central America are profoundly influenced by American education and many of their faculty members are Americans or graduates of American universities. Although schools in this area understand and adhere to international standards for research, language and doctoral procedures, they are the only schools that do not require an on-campus doctoral defense. In this alternative setting, doctoral students submit their thesis or dissertation and these universities have experts from around the world examining and evaluating the final doctoral product.


One of the great advantages of Central American universities lies in the fact that they do not address the time span of the doctorate program as a significant element. Students can submit their doctoral work at any time after their research proposal has been approved. In recent years, dozens of our students have completed their doctoral degrees though this methodology. Primarily working with Azteca University, some have even obtained their doctorates based on a book they wrote or on other peer-reviewed academic publications.

We at PHD Institute carefully choose the academic institutions we represent so that they best suit your needs and your field of study, both in quality and in cost.

Over the years we have forged strong relationships, anchored in solid agreements, with each of these institutions so as to allow us to provide a quality and reliable service during your doctoral studies. In addition, it is important to note that all the institutions we represent are recognized by the ministry of Education of each country, and therefore appears in the UNESCO list of universities.

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