The PhD process

Choosing a topic


If not yet formulated, choosing a research topic will be done with help from your advisor

at PhD. We help

our student focus on the proper and realistic path for their research desires.

PHD Admission


After choosing a research topic, PhD Institute will match the universities

that most suitable for your needs. all

of the admission process and administration is being done for you.

First payment


Only after you select the university you desire, the first payment is being made. all payments goes directly to the university (and not through us)

Helping you start on your research


Before you start, a thorough synopsis of the projected work-to-be will have to be prepared for presentation. From your perspective, this synopsis will be seen as a means to an end. 

Working together along the way


PhD advisors will support you along the way. Once the body of the paper has been prepared,

it will need to be presented for evaluation to the university. 

Submitting your dissertation


A dissertation is usually about 70 pages in length. Most universities require that the dissertation be defended before the Doctorate can be awarded.

Here is how it is done:

In order for the PhD process to be as simple as possible, we came up with a single process that fits your needs perfectly, regardless of your discipline, the university and the doctorate program to which will register

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