The PhD process

Writing the research proposal



Prior to the application, we'll help you choose a topic (in case you haven't already chosen one) and guide you through the writing of a research proposal. The proposal is then used by PhD and by the universities to evaluate your match to the institution.

PhD Admission




Once each university informs us whether or not you can apply for its doctorate program, you'll need to choose the one that best suits your specific needs. Of course, we'll provide all the necessary information and guidence to help you reach the best choice.





We will handle the bureaucracy for you and submit all the papers needed to complete the enrollment process.

Once completed, payment will be made directly to the university of choice. 

Appoiting a supervisor



Next, the university will appoint you a PhD supervisor. Together with PhD's staff you will start working on your dissertation.


Working together along the way



PhD's advisors will provide you with all the support and assistance needed along the way. No mater what the question ,you'll always have two sources of assistance you may turn to- both your PhD supervisor and us.

After completing each chapter, you may choose to send it to us for review and receive our feedback, well before getting the university's comments. 

Submitting your dissertation



A dissertation is usually about 100-120 pages in length. Some universities require that the dissertation be defended before the Doctorate can be awarded.

Here's how it's done:

We have come up with a single process designed to perfectly fit your needs ,regardless of your choice of discipline, university or doctorate program 

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