01 / What “added value” do I get from PhD Institute?

We are here to help make the process of achieving your Doctorate as easy as possible. We will help you write your proposal - the document you need in order to be accepted into a Doctoral program. In addition, we will help you find sources for your bibliography and then, once completed, read the final draft of your dissertation, providing critical editorial comments. We are also happy to assist with any administrative difficulties, should they arise, between the student and the university.

Each university charges its own fees.


No payment is being made to PhD Institute. All subsequent payments, once your proposal has been accepted, will be made directly to the relevant university.

04 / What is the tuition cost? How are payments made?

There are no generalizations, each university has its own requirements. We will guide you, according to your individual needs and constraints.



02 / Do I need to attend classes or otherwise travel to the            university campus?

What you present must be in English. However, you can have your doctorate translated from your mother tongue.

05 / Must my dissertation be written in English?

All universities require a Masters. However, PhD Institute offers a fast-track solution for holders of accredited Bachelor’s degrees.

03 / Can I enter a Doctoral program without a Masters?

All communication is done via e-mail / phone. We advise that you keep us informed about your own communication with the university on an ongoing basis, so that we can ensure their quality.

06 / How do I communicate with my advisors at PhD                      Institute and at the University?

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