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PhD Institute was founded in 1998 and ever since had been helping people like you to find, apply and register to the most suitable PhD programs for them and support them throughout the PhD process.

Whether you want to become a professor, you want to boost your career or you're doing it to fulfill a dream, join more than 550 PhD graduates we already have and start your journey towards a doctorate degree with a sustainable and reliable company that represents 17 accredited universities from The United States, England, Eastern Europe and Central America.


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"I chose PhD Institute because they were able to find me the university that perfectly suited my needs and provided the online experience I needed."


— Manoj from Hydrabad, India

"I had been toying with the idea of getting a PhD for years. The PHD Institute has finally given me the academic framework, as well as the structure, to conduct the doctorate research within my own professional environment"


— Pelin from Istanbul, Turkey

"I didn't realize how fortunate I am to be a part of the PhD institute doctoral experience until after I finished my PhD. The program structure allowed me to rigorously explore my research interests with the help of both the university professors and the PhD Institute academic advisors who treated me with affability and patience. I never had a hard time approaching anyone for help or advise on


— Bob from Manchester, UK

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