Writing a doctoral research paper is not a simple task. Therefore, we have written a number of articles that may help you focus and organize your thoughts during the writing of your dissertation. These articles cover a wide variety of issues, from the choice of the research topic, through the process of writing the research itself, to an article that provides guidelines to writing the doctoral dissertation after writing a professional book in the field.

Additional Materials

Quantitative vs. qualitative in PhD dissertation

During the 15 years that PHD Institute has existed as a company, dozens of authors of different books have turned to us, seeking to attempt to transform the book they wrote into a doctoral work.In the academic world there is the concept of a doctorate on the basis of academic publications and on the basis of the publication of books that are not necessarily academic research works.

How Do I Choose the Topic of the Doctorate?

The choice of the doctorate topic is the most critical stage in the writing of the research work.For part of the population of doctorate students, this is a simple stage that comes with the decision to write a research work,

Process of Writing a Doctoral Work

A doctoral work is a long process that begins with considerable thought, continues with reading and research, and ends with an in-depth analysis of the research results and the drawing of conclusions from the results. The acceptance to the doctorate program is based primarily on the approval of the research proposal by the different universities.

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