About PHD Institute

PhD Institute was founded in 1998 in order to help master's degree holders to register and complete doctoral programs in accredited foreign universities. PhD Institute brings together special "part time" PhD programs, along with online PhD programs from North & South America, England, and Eastern Europe, while providing supplemental help to students who register to the represented universities. 

Throughout the years, PhD Institute has acquired a profound knowledge in fitting the right PhD program to every student and in supporting students through the doctorate process. We currently have more than 6,000 graduates (from different disciplines) who hold various key positions  in the academy and in the public and privet sectors. 

Why earn your doctorate through us?

Here are a few reasons to choose PHD Institute as a partner:


// Reliablity - Doctorate studies are big deal. You would probably want to embark on such an important journey with a company which has the most experience and  capabilities to help you through the PhD process. 

// Time & Money - Our established working relationships with these dynamic universities ensure PhD programs will cost less and will usually be completed faster.

Our Core Values



PHD Institute has acquired over the years considerable experience both in writing of doctorate dissertations and in the ability to sign contracts with universities, so as to provide the best service to its students.



PhD Institute presents things as they are, precisely and completely, and stands behind all of its commitments, so as to develop mutual trust between the institute and its clients.



PHD Institute sees itself as a partner in the process of writing of the doctoral work and in the goal of the student to obtain the doctoral degree, and thus it acts in different areas so as to complete this goal.‚Äč

// Online / Part Time  - International students can take the full program online and are not obliged to leave the country in order to perform the research required by the PhD program.


// Academic Publication - we recently signd an agreement with the "International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Review", whereby a summary of every doctoral thesis made through PhD Institute will be published on their platform and be considered an academic publication for all intents and purposes.

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